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I’ve always been here, on social media that is. I’ll never forget the moment University of Wisconsin got Facebook – a dorm mate ran down the hall yelling, “WE’VE GOT FACEBOOK!.

Kids these days will never understand not being able to get on Facebook for lack of the proper .edu email address or having to wait weeks to get approved to join Pinterest or tracking down that ever elusive Google+ invite. Glad we put those dark times behind us.


Growing up in Madison, WI, I basked in the glory of early entrepreneurship as the head of my neighborhood’s lawn mowing empire and peddling radio-recoded mixtapes to my elementary school classmates. I graduated shortly thereafter to building websites, fixing computers, and handful of other hustles. I proudly graduated college with two profitable companies in hand.

Sure, I worked hard. But I loved the stuff. While other students sat in class checking Facebook or surfing Reddit, I was coordinating over 40 contributing writers and managing user acquisition for a site named ‘Top 10 Career Blog’ 3 times.


I started running social media for the site and zing! bam! pop! the world made sense. Testing different Twitter copy and Facebook images and watching the change in traffic and ads revenue was my chess board, my rubix cube, my map, my recipe…These were the problems I was born to solve. I was hooked.


I moved to NYC in 2013 for my clients and started working for one of the largest A/B and Multivariate Testing companies, running tests on Fortune 500 sites that get more traffic in one day then this site will get in a year. I saw it first hand: the power of data to drive marketing results on a huge scale.

It was captivating and I enjoyed the work, but something was missing. It addressed one component of the entire digital experience: the website. I wanted the opportunity to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, from that first touch point (usually social media!) to driving people to a site and beyond.


Today I work for an exciting, fast-growing startup where I can combine my passion for social media and conversion optimization to help an entirely new set of clients. And get this: This startup happens to be API partners with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest so I have exclusive access to insights, tools, and techniques generally reserved for power users and rarely shared publicly. A social nerd’s dream.

During the day I split my time between training, developing strategies, and executing paid campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter for some of the world’s largest publishers, media companies, startups, and entrepreneurs.

On my own time, I write content for a handful of social media and digital marketing sites, speak at events around the country (e.g., Social Media Week, Social Media Breakfast, Social Media Bootcamp), advising budding startups and NGOs on their digital strategies, and tweet the occasional cat photo.


I want to thank you for stopping by my site, I’m so glad you’re here! In return, I offer you the chance to request any specific content you’d like to see or ask any and all social media questions on my Ask Me Anything page.

Looking for a speaker? I’m your gal. Visit my Media page for speaking opportunities.

If  you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to reach out or tweet at me.

Sincerely Social,


Professional Bio


You might think of Jess as a social media scientist: always testing the latest theories and techniques. As Director of Paid Strategy at SocialFlow she works with some of the world’s greatest brands, publishers, and startups to develop and execute paid campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Named one of the Top 20 Mobile Influencers on Twitter, Jess is the host of a weekly podcast, author, and contributor to a range of social media and optimization focused publications.

If social media and process engineering were plotted on a venn diagram she would exist in the overlapping, shaded area. She believes data’s power to tell the whole story, even the uncomfortable parts, and to turn obstacles into opportunities.

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Jess Bahr is Director of Paid Strategy at SocialFlow where she spends her days working with some of the world’s greatest brands on their paid social strategy. Named one of the Top 20 Mobile Influencers on Twitter, you can find her at @JessaBahr.