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I work with some of the world’s largest publishers and brands and love it, but my happy place is sharing those strategies and techniques with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups so they can be competitive in the market place. There are two ways to work with me, through a course I offer or one-on-one consulting sessions.


Guide to Promoted Pins

Flood Your Site with Pinterest

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If you want to talk about how you can leverage promoted pins, feedback on your latest campaign, current funnels, site, or anything else let’s talk!

You can schedule time here:

Client Testimonials

Jess is AWESOME — truly; a diamond in the rough. Over the past decade+, the digital and social media marketing world has blown up and grown in unfathomable ways — and so has the platform for all too many people to become self-proclaimed digital/social media experts. I am here to tell you, that Jess is the real thing. She “gets” digital. She “gets” social. And she definitely “gets” what it takes to rise above the humdrum noise of everyday social media, and have your message stand out. She is the real deal. Jess gets the intricacies of paid social better than anyone I’ve met, and if Jess tells you to do something on social, you should do it — because she really, really gets it. Jess Bahr is a true digital and social media thought leader.
Founder, Digital Agency
I can honestly say that I feel more confident and thoroughly equipped to pursue my goals with social media. Who doesn't want a large following and a successful business? Jess's knowledge about creating more traffic for followers on Pinterest, adjusting my website to be more social media friendly, monetizing my blog and networking with other bloggers has already drastically changed the way that I approach each platform. Thank you Jess for your willingness to share your much-needed wisdom with the blogging world!
Sparrows & Lily
[From Pinterest Course] I almost tripled my traffic! Real zone - I didn't even want to give Pinterest a shot. I thought it was just for recipes and “dream bathroom” boards - not for marketers. Plus I was so burnt out trying to keep up with Twitter, live streaming, and the madness that is Facebook Groups - the thought of adding another thing on over stuffed plate was nauseating. After learning Jess was marketer herself in charge of millions of dollars of ad spend, my ears perked right up. After following her system for only 3 weeks, I noticed a steady income in my traffic, then a pin “went viral “ and my traffic shot up to 3x and it just keeps coming.
Business Strategist + Copywriter