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Become a Pinterest SEO powerhouse with these tips!

This post is a contribution by the amazing Feuza Reis of Get Found with Fuse. Check out her site for more great SEO content and make sure to reserve your spot for our upcoming free webinar on How to Get Found for the Holidays on Pinterest! 

We speak of Pinterest as a social media platform, but Pinterest is actually a search engine. Think about it… we go on Pinterest to search for recipes, ideas, fashion, house decor, inspiration, business tips and more! And although it’s focused on visual media, we’re not very social on Pinterest.

We don’t really socialize with each other on there. Pinterest calls itself a “discovery platform,” which is just another name for search engine. What I love most about Pinterest is that not only can I get found within Pinterest, but Google indexes my pins and boards. So essentially, my pins and boards can show up in Google results and Google Images.

See for yourself: Google any topic, and most likely you will see a Pinterest result either in regular results or images. So if Pinterest is a search engine, let’s chat about how to become a Pinterest SEO powerhouse and get organic traffic back to your blog.

Step 1: Learn about your desired keywords, a.k.a. what terms and phrases you want to be found for. Keywords can be one word, two words, three words or even full sentences people type inside a search engine (like Google or Pinterest) to find information on products, places, services, and so much more.

You will need to create your own keyword list and do some keyword research. I see keyword research happening in two phases… the first is your main set of keywords.

  1. Main keywords: All about you. Answer the following:
  • What do you do?
  • What do you sell?
  • Do you sell online or in person? Both?
  • Do you teach?
  • Do you do speaking engagements?
  • Do you represent other clients?
  • Do you want to be found locally?


I am a wedding photographer, and I sell wedding & engagement photography services in Myrtle Beach. I also service Pawleys Island and all of Horry County.

I am an SEO strategist for creative entrepreneurs. I offer online classes on SEO and blogging. I sell e-products, courses and consulting services.

  1. Secondary set of keywords: This is where it can be a gold mine and they usually cover the topics on your blog, so think about your blog categories and blog posts.If you are a food blogger, yes, you want to be found for “food blog,” but that will be extremely hard to do because you’re competing with ten spots on the first page of Google (or the first few spots in Pinterest).Honestly, not many people wake up and say, “I want to find a food blogger.” But, they do wake up and say, “I want a great butternut squash soup recipe.” Do you see the difference?


We want to be found by topics our ideal audience cares about, and Pinterest is great for that.

There are a few other ways to find keywords.  If you need help finding keywords, check out the upcoming webinar Jess and I are hosting: All About Pinterest SEO and Paid Traffic.

Step 2. Now it’s time to plug in your keywords and optimize Pinterest.

  • Your Profile
    • Add keywords to your profile business name
    • Fill out your profile description with a keyword or two instead of just cute names

Pinterest SEO for Profile

  • Your Boards: You should move more important boards up and create more boards pertaining to your content only. So, instead of having just one main board called [your name + content], you can make more boards using subtopics. Think blog categories.So, I will have a niche board of all my blog posts, then I will compartilize my niche boards with new boards.

    For example: My main board is DIY SEO. I have a board about Social Media Tips, and one for blogging. These are still my work-only boards. This will give me more room for SEO juice.
  • Make sure EVERY board in your account has text in the description. Text is the basis for SEO, and Pinterest gives you lots of room for that. Add text even to boards of general interest—the non-business boards. So, if I have a beauty board, make up, food, etc., I still need to add text in there.
  • Add keyword-rich text to your work-only board. If you want to be found in your local market, you can even rename your board. Let’s say you’re a social media consultant like Jess. In that case, you can have your main niche board be “NY Social Media Consultant.” Then you pin all of your blog posts there.
  • Add keyword-specific text to your niche boards, too.
  • Your Pins. Only about 20% of pins on Pinterest are original content. This means that the remaining 80% is just repins, so I encourage you to be a leader and be part of the leader pack. It is vital that you add your own blogging content on Pinterest.

How to SEO Pinterest Boards

  • When you create graphics for your posts, you can optimize your photos both for  Pinterest and Google.  Image SEO consists of three areas: Title, Description and Alt Text.Alt Text is the most important one and is the text that Pinterest pulls to fill the description field when a pin is created. Pinterest is pulling about 80 characters only, so when you blog, do the following: Add a keyword-rich description in the Alt Text in your photos, but don’t add too many.Add just enough so when a visitor pins, you get some keywords in there. Then, when you pin your own, you can increase the text when you manually pin it for the first time. After that, you’re looping pins to group boards and your other boards, and that will carry the text on through.

SEO Post for Pinterest

  • Your schedule. Being active on Pinterest is key, and using a program like Tailwind ( affiliate link) can help you stay on schedule. I love their new Beta tool that shows some high-quality related pins that I can repin—because after all, Pinterest is looking at the source, quality and engagement to push pins forward, so I want to be a great resource inside of Pinterest.

    Overall, Pinterest is an SEO powerhouse, both in Google and within its own site, and it’s important to boost your profile to be ready to receive some search-result lovin. Download the free Pinterest SEO Checklist below, and sign up for our upcoming webinar to learn how to get found on Pinterest for the holidays.