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3 Things You Need to Do with the Facebook Page Call-to-Action Button

Facebook recently announced the roll out of Page call-to-action buttons, which was first mentioned by Facebook last fall.

The Facebook page call-to-action button option was first rolled out to Dollar Shave Club as a ‘beta’ test. Brian Kim, Dollar Shave Club’s Director of Acquisition, reported a 2.5x higher conversion when using the ‘Sign Up’ button verses using inserting a call-to-action in other areas, such as a post.

I can only imagine that brands will experience an even greater lift with that these new buttons paired considering Facebook has now completely reduced the organic reach for promotional sounding content.

That is why this update is so key – because Facebook is making it increasingly more competitive to get your message in front of your audience. This tool will allow you to more easily move your earned fans to an owned platform.


Put a pixel on it

Custom audience pixels are the best ad tool available in Facebook. Add a custom audience pixel to your landing page so you can target those users in the future and build lookalike audiences.

Track your traffic

Use UTM or tracking tags, custom shorteners, and/or unique landing pages to track how many users are engaging with the Facebook page call-to-action buttons and track how well that traffic converts.

The Facebook page call-to-action buttons allow you to define a specific URL for mobile and desktop, so make sure you set up tracking for both.

Highlight the button

Not everyone has the Facebook page call-to-action buttons, so consider updating your cover photo to draw attention to the new button. Take that a step further and include copy in your cover photo telling users why they should click the button.

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